I am poem

I am very smart and love to dance
I wonder how some people will turn out in life
I hear the basketball hitting the ground
I see my life changing
I want to become a doctor
I am very smart and love to dance

I pretend to be a good singer
I feel my foot tapping the floor
I touch the softball bat
I worry about when the world is going to end
I cry about my grandpa
I am very smart and love to dance

I understand the first 18 elements of the periodic table
I say make peace
I dream about becoming the best person I can be
I try to do my best
I hope to, someday, be successful
I am very smart and love to dance

ABC poem
A snowy dayhot_cocoa.jpg
Balls of snow to throw
Catch the snow on your tongue
Delightfully white
Hot cocoa when it's done

Acrostic poem
Best sport
Know the rules
Try your best
Ball hogs
A good sport

Biography poem

I'm creative and have good ideas
I'm in love with Twilight
I'm understanding sometimes
Science is my favorite subject
I love jeans but like sweat pants
I care about people
I try to have fun when I'm not
Purple is my favorite color

Cinquain poems

fun social
learn eat draw
good tiring cool exausting

awesome fun
pitch catch run
joy sadness happy tiring

Shape Poemmotarola.JPG

Cell Phone

I love my phone
I should have known
It is purple and black
I will make sure it never cracks
I got it on Christmas Eve
I'm glad that I recieved
My phone has a full keyboard
I will never get bored
My fingers always get exercise
I guess my phone is small in size
No one can ever lone
I love my phone

Haiku Poems

The beach was so calm
I could hear sand in the wind
The waves hit the ground

The night was so cold
The morning was all snow white
A nice winter, here

Limerick poem

There once was an old,old man
He lived in a smelly can
One day it tipped over
Forcing him to use a roller
The old,old man ran, and ran, and ran

Favorite Sub poemturkey-sub.jpg

I am delicious and fattening
I wonder why I am turkey
I hear crunching
I see teeth
I want to not be eaten
I am delicious and fattening

I pretend to act like ham
I feel lettuce tickling me
I touch the cheese
I worry if I'm going to get eaten
I cry when my friends get eaten
I am delicious and fattening

I understand why I have miracle whip
I say please don't eat me
I dream about standing up to ham
I try to look my best
I hope I will never get eaten
I am delicious and fattening

Free verse poem

Softball is my favorite sport
I love to pitch
When I'm not pitching, I play 3rd base
Coach says I have a good arm
In practice,he makes us run
Sometimes it is fun
Compared to any other sport
Softball would be better
I love to steal the bases
Usually,you don't get caught
Sliding is really fun
Sometimes it hurts your butt
Batting is alright
You get hit a lot
Softball is my favorite sport

Couplet Poems

My dad likes cars
He has never been behind bars

My brother is only three
He is always mean to me

My mom thinks she's cool
She knows nothing about school

My cousin Baker is a show-off
He always has a cough

My grandma is very neat
Everything that needs to be done is already complete